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Are You Having Attachment & Positioning Problems with Your Baby?

Learning the right breastfeeding techniques is crucial to getting the right attachment because that’s what helps you succeed with breastfeeding.

Occasionally mums need options to provide breastmilk to their babies. Exclusive breastfeeding is ideal but not always possible or desired.

I can put together all sorts of plan to help with finding what works for you and your family.

Hi, I am Tracy & I Offer Breastfeeding Home Consultation in Perth WA

I’ve been providing breastfeeding home consultation services in Perth to mothers at home to facilitate, time, privacy and individual care.  

My care can be ongoing via phone or regular visits until you feel confidant and happy with your feeding.Lack of support is one huge problem for new mothers and can often result in early weaning of breastfeeding.With the right support mums feel that they can ask questions, be heard and problem solve.

If you are experiencing cracked or grazed nipples then your baby may not be attaching to your breasts properly and this needs attention so that you can avoid any further breastfeeding issues or pain. With my home consultation servicesI can work through all these issues by guiding you with the right positions and ensure that your baby is attaching to your breasts in the right way.

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Breastfeeding Skills That I’ll Guide You About

In my opinion, breastfeeding is more like a skill that a mother and a baby learn together.

Skin to skin and time is very helpful and gives more time to understand your baby’s cues.Learning cues and reflexes helps mothers work with their baby.

With my lactation consultation services in Perth, I’ll help you find the most comfortable position not only for you but for the baby as well. It’s important that your baby latches on to your breast properly to enable adequate milk transfer.  

When is the Best Time to Seek Lactation Consultation?

Breastfeeding is natural process but that doesn’t mean it’s easy as it’s a learned skill.

It can take weeks to feel confidant and have things going well.

Learning the right breastfeeding techniques and positions in the beginning can save you from a lot of future heartache and understanding it does become easier for you with each passing day helps.

Get the Best Breastfeeding Consultation in Perth on Positioning & Attachment

I I’m a professional breastfeeding home consultation provider in Perth. I will listen to your concerns and develop a personalized plan for you. Especially if you are suffering from pain during breastfeeding.

Let me help you make breastfeeding a little less overwhelming and a lot more enjoyable for you.

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Feeling convinced? Well it’s about time you hire me in Perth for your baby’s care. Let’s make your breastfeeding days amazingly special!

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