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Breastfeeding & Lactation Consultant Perth

Hello, I’m Tracy! I’ve Been Assisting Mothers For Years To Make Their Breastfeeding Journey Easier.

Hello and congratulations to all the new mothers out there who are starting this beautiful journey. I’m Tracy, a mother of three, a registered midwife, nurse and a lactation consultant working in Perth. I’ve been helping new mothers all around Perth with different lactation issues.  I offer personal, individual care, forming appropriate feeding plans to help guide you through the most beautiful yet challenging part of motherhood. Breastfeeding can be painful and a little overwhelming especially for new mums. I’ll gently guide you and answer your queries about the process so that you can achieve your breastfeeding goals.

You can have a home visit or an appointment in my office, which is based in Mt Lawley. My mission is to help mothers who are starting this amazing journey with ultimate ease and comfort. Reducing stress by providing ongoing support.

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Checkout what some of my clients have to say about my lactation services


I had a home visit with Tracey, after 8 days of trying to get a good latch with my baby I was almost going to give up within 1 second of her showing me how to properly get my baby latch I cried with happiness, I can not recommend Tracey enough, thank you
Naomi Clark
Genuinely the best and most helpful lactation consultant. I saw her for blocked ducts and nipple pain and she went above and beyond every time I called her. Resolved all my issues except bubs tongue tie which the drs fixed, (she actually let me know about it in the 1st place).
Kiara Hartmann
Thank God for Tracy! She is amazing - so kind, so helpful and available when you're at your most vulnerable. Would highly recommend! Thank you Tracy for all the hours you put in, driving to me a number of times, for being so available and helping me in my journey 🙂
Divya John

My Services

In addition to breastfeeding, I provide other services as a lactation consultant in Perth such as the following

Antenatal care perth


I provide professional antenatal breastfeeding education. I identify any early challenges that may complicate breastfeeding to better prepare you for feeding your baby.

Postnatal care perth


Considering your individual needs, I’ll help you through the process of feeding your baby safely. With my professional lactation services in Perth, I’ll make motherhood easier for you.

Breastfeeding consultation perth

Breastfeeding Consultation

From issues like a painful latch to mastitis and attachment problems, I’ll cover every aspect of breastfeeding that you need help with. Occasionally unexpected situations happen which delay direct breastfeeding or direct breastfeeding is not manageable. I can help put together a feeding plan that works for all families.

Feel free to get in touch with me anytime and I will provide you with an appropriate solution.



Let’s make feeding your baby easy and enjoyable!

With my home lactation consultation services in Perth, I’ll make the transition to becoming parents an easier journey for you. With my on-location lactation consultancy services, everything will become a lot easier with the right support. I have been helping new mothers in Perth for years now and it has always been a wonderful experience. With my expertise as a Perth lactation consultant, I strive to offer an all-in-one service to facilitate an easier more supported journey.

Are you looking for the best lactation consultant in Perth for breastfeeding your child?

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Some Major Breastfeeding Issues I Can Help You With

Painful Latch

If your baby is causing pain while attaching it can be very damaging to your nipples and mental health! You are not alone! This is a common issue new mothers often struggle with so. If you need some guidance on how to help your baby attach deeply your breasts, then contact me right away. I provide lactation consultation home services in Perth so it’s more convenient for you to discuss breastfeeding issues in the comfort of your own home.

Low Supply

Babies feed 8 to 12 times a day which helps to build your supply. However, if you are finding that your supply is not adequate enough to feed your baby then consider a lactation consultation. There can be multiple reasons behind your low supply but they all can be worked out with my expert lactation consultation services in Perth.


Mastitis is a condition where breast tissue becomes inflammed and may lead to infection that causes breasts to become hot and painful. Mastitis often needs a team of health professionals to resolve the condition.

Lactation consultants help to relieve engorgement and relieve pain. Identify the cause and hopefully prevent re-infection by teaching good breastfeeding techniques and breast care. Physiotherapy can be helpful in treatment.

Attachment Issues

Poor attachment is often painful, causing damage to nipples and at times early weaning. Learning how to achieve the right attachment helps to alleviate pain and provide more effective feeding and milk flow. Attachment issues can lead to mastitis or a blocked duct.

I am always ready to provide you with quick assistance.

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If you’d like more information, or just a quick chat – phone Tracy today. Let’s make your breastfeeding days amazingly special!

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