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Low Supply Consultation Services

New mothers often go through a low supply issues or have a perception of low supply.This can be identified and improved or in some cases just understood so you don’t have the stress of guessing if your baby has had enough milk.

If you are having issues with your supply I can come to your home and  guide you on this matter. . I’ve been providing home lactation consultation services in Perth for years now and been helping mothers with  increasing their milk supply, or learning how to use supplementary feeding tools.Are you searching for the right lactation consultant in Perth to help you provide the best consultancy?

Understanding The Reasons Behind Low Milk Supply

I’ve provided lactation consultation to various women in Perth and there are many different reasons behind why they were suffering from this issue. Some of the most common reasons that I came across were;


➔ A difficult or prolonged delivery
➔ Poor Attachment to the breast
➔ The mother is suffering from mastitis
➔ Scheduled feeding instead of feeding the baby on demand
➔ Breastfeeding with formula feeding
➔ Long term use of nipple shields or dummies

Multiple babies (twins)

Preterm birth

Moreover, breast milk supply can be low if you have  medical conditions that impact supply.  However, the good news is that with my consultation, you can put this problem to rest and you can continue feeding your baby the amount of milk he/her wants.

How Breast Milk Supply

Understanding how breast milk supply works is of utmost importance especially if you are a new mother. The process is quite simple and your milk supply works on a “supply and demand” mechanism,

Your Baby needs to remove the milk efficiently to promote your breasts produce more milk for the next time your baby is hungry. But if you stop feeding your baby and use formula milk, your milk supply may automatically start reducing.

The way your baby nurses also impacts your milk supply. So, if you are having issues like if your baby isn’t consuming enough of your breast milk, you need to learn a way to protect the supply. This is where I can guide you and make sure that your milk supply doesn’t reduce even when your baby isn’t taking proper feed.

Professional Lactation Consultation In Perth

Low supply can affect both the mother and the child in the long run. To prevent such issues, you need to seek professional help. As I’m a mum of three myself, I know how hard and overwhelming breastfeeding can seem but with the right techniques, tips and the right care, I assure you that you’ll find it easier and beautiful instead of getting overwhelmed..To fix your low supply problem, contact me right away and let me help you in this difficult but precious time. I offer the most effective home lactation consultation services in Perth. Being a mother myself, I know how new mums want some professional help but they also want to be “heard”. I’ll hear out your concerns and worries about starting this precious journey of motherhood.

Want a lactation consultant in Perth who can sit down with you and understand your lactation problems?

How Can I Help If You Have Low Milk Supply

The treatment depends on the issue you are facing. It can be anything. Your baby might not be latching on to your breasts properly, you might be having low milk supply because of scheduled feeding times or you might have some underlying condition.

During my consultation years, I’ve helped mothers with all such issues. For example, if your baby isn’t latching properly, I’ll suggest some positions to try. Just like this, I’ll be providing you with consultation and telling you about some effective tips that can increase your milk supply based on your condition.To make sure that your baby is getting enough milk supply and that your breasts are in a healthy condition, contact me right away and book an appointment. I’ll come visit and guide you but most importantly I’ll “hear” you because that’s what new moms need especially during the breastfeeding phase,Let me provide you with the best solutions if you’re encountering low milk supply. 

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