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Mastitis Consultation Services in Perth

New mothers who’ve just started their beautiful breastfeeding journey can come across multiple challenges. One of the most common and painful ones is mastitis. To help you overcome this challenge, I provide the best lactation consultation in Perth right where you are.

What Is Mastitis?

Mastitis is a condition in which your breast tissues become inflamed and it can lead to severe pain. If the inflammation isn’t treated on time, it can turn into an infection.  Want to learn more about Mastitis and the respective

What Causes Mastitis?

Mastitis causes a lot of pain that sometimes becomes unbearable. Mastitis usually occurs when the milk in your breasts builds up faster than it’s being removed. In such a situation, your milk ducts are blocked and that’s what causes pain especially when you are trying to feed your baby.

Other major causes of mastitis

➔ The baby not latching to the breasts properly
➔ Not feeding the baby enough or missing feeds
➔ Feeding on one breast more than the other
➔ Can damage a milk duct
➔ Oversupply

What’s My Take On Mastitis?

Depending on the severity of your condition, I’ll first come visit you, talk to you about the kind of pain and issues that you are facing. If it’s mastitis, I usually recommend mothers to continue breastfeeding because by stopping the process, the blockage will just get worse with time and it’ll cause more pain.

You may need to seek medical attention to treat infected breasts

Get Mastitis Consultation In Perth

If you have concerns about mastitis get a consult with your GP and lactation support right away.  

I provide the best breastfeeding home consultation in Perth where you can discuss your feeding issues with me in detail. Book an appointment now and let’s make this journey easier for you.Are you searching for the right Mastitis consultant in Perth for your breast problems?

When To Opt For Consultation?

I do understand the fact that breastfeeding your baby is one of the most beautiful and natural things in the world but at the same time for new mothers, it can be a little challenging too. If I’m being honest with you, there’s no “right time” to opt for consultation if you are facing trouble while feeding your little one. The moment you feel pain in your breasts, you should immediately seek a lactation consult.

Especially if it’s mastitis, waiting for the pain to go away could be dangerous.  Mastitis can easily turn into an infection which then becomes more difficult to treat. By opting for my lactation consultation at the right time, you can prevent such issues and make sure that you get appropriate guidance.

Do you feel pain in your breast while feeding your newborn child?

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