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Experiencing Painful Latch When Your Baby Suckles?

Do you feel pain when your baby latches on to your nipples and suckles?  Have you started avoiding breastfeeding your baby because it’s too painful for you? Or dreading the thought of breastfeeding?

 If you are going through such issues then opt for my home lactation consultation services in Perth and let me make it easier for you to feed your baby.

Often new mothers start shifting to formula milk because they just can’t bear the pain when their baby is feeding on their breasts. You see, the thing about breastfeeding is that it can be a little overwhelming for new mums but once you learn the right latching techniques, things become comparatively easier for you and you start enjoying this beautiful bonding phenomenon with your little one.

How to Resolve a Painful

sometimes mothers experience pain when a baby is latching on initially to the nipples. However, with my knowledge and experience in this field, I teach techniques and tips to quickly resolve these issues. Book an appointment with me and I will provide you with some great guidance on this matter. A poor latch can lead to several other issues; your baby won’t be getting enough milk and he’ll probably be crying all the time due to hunger and in the worst-case scenario, you might end up suffering from mastitis which is the blockage of your milk ducts. Mastitis can be painful and if left untreated it can even cause infection in your breasts.

With poor latching, one thing leads to another and it all becomes a mess for new mums so why not treat the issue right when it started? If you have extremely sore nipples and if they hurt a lot when your baby latches on them try a home consult.  

What Does A Good Breastfeeding Latch Feels Like?

One of the best ways to check if your baby is latching on to your breasts properly is to see if his/her nose and chin are touching your breasts. Moreover, the lips of the baby are supposed to be flanged out instead of being tucked in.

When the latch is good, your baby will start following his natural instinct of suck, swallow and breathe pattern which means that he’ll be getting enough milk and you should be experiencing pain.

A good latch is all you need to have a smooth and seamless breastfeeding experience.

When it’s pain-free and there’s no irritation due to poor latching, you automatically start enjoying the breastfeeding journey.

Why Opt For My Lactation Consultation in Perth?

Usually, mothers ignore a painful latch and they think that it’s a part of breastfeeding but well, it’s not and you shouldn’t ever just overlook it. A poor latch can cause several other breast-related issues so the moment you feel a little pain, book an appointment with me and let me help you prevent any further issues.

As a mother and as a professional lactation consultant in Perth, I’ll provide you some of the best tips on how to position your baby and how to ensure that he’s latching on to your breasts properly. I’ve been helping new mums for years and it’s not just my profession but my passion too. Just like myself, I want all the mothers to have a beautiful and pain-free journey.Contact now and opt for my home lactation consultation services to fix your painful latch trouble. 

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